Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal vancouver wa

Laser hair removal is the single most popular laser treatment being performed, and for good reason! It is safe, effective and affordable.

We can treat virtually anywhere on the body as long as the hair is darker than the skin. The laser “see’s” pigment (what gives hair and skin its color), therefore the darker the hair and lighter the skin, the more effective each treatment is. We use two gold-standard platforms to optimally target all hair textures and colors with the exception of white, grey and true red hair. They cannot be seen by the laser and should not be treated. If you’re unsure whether it would be effective on your hair, we offer test spots during our complimentary consultations with a signed consent.

We keep our pricing simple and affordable. Our packages are sold as a set of 6 treatments. For touchup’s call for quote.

Soft, Smooth Skin

No more bumps, stubble, or irritation.

Fast And Easy

You’re in and out in about an hour. And because the process is non-invasive – no recovery time needed!

Affordable Plans For Any Budget

Laser hair removal has a less overall cost than the alternative electrolysis, shaving or repeated waxing.

Treatment areas

Small: lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, happy trail, fingers, toes, neck front, neck back, areola

Medium: basic bikini, lower arms, upper arms, face, buttocks, underarms

Large: lower legs, upper legs, upper back, full face and neck, full arms, extended bikini or Brazilian (front and backside)

Extra Large: full legs, torso front , torso back

For Women

Facial Hair


Full Legs


For Men

Facial Hair